Specialist Conusultant in New Zealand Education


Study to New Zealand through Global One is  because:

  1. We are  listed  as an official agency spoutsiders with Education New Zealand.
  2. We already had a long experience about study in New Zealand and our Counselors have full  understanding of the education system in New Zealand
  3. We have sent a lot of students to New Zealand  and many of them have got good jobs and some even  become Permanent Residence of  New Zealand.
  4. Highly experienced in handling student visa with high success rate .
  5. Become a trusted partner of many schools in New Zealand starting from Secondary and High School Year 8 to 13 , English Language Schools, Colleges, Polytechnic to prestigious Universities both private and government owned.
  6. We have experienced in sending students from high school  to doctorate degree.
  7. We have full knowledge in relation to study, work and live in New Zealand
  8. Assisting in purchasing property in New Zealand either for student owned used or for investment. We also assist in  financing arrangement .
  9. We provide consultation Free of charge


Study in New Zealand starts from the age of five (5); the academic year is from January to December. In general, the length of primary and secondary education in New Zealand is 13 years. Primary school lasts to year 8, then Secondary school until year 13. Compulsory education in New Zealand is up to year 10. After year 10, students may continue to Diploma to master a specific skill. If a student completes a Secondary school, he/she will get National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) which is recognized throughout New Zealand.


As mentioned earlier, the students can continue to take education and training after year 10. They may take the Certificate, Diploma or Bachelor Degree in Technology and Polytechnic Institute.

The programs offered emphasis on experience and practical applications in a work life such as agriculture, art and design, building and construction, media studies, hospitality and tourism. All of them are developed based on cooperation with the advisory group representing the industries so that the programs are relevant, up to date and innovative.

These vocational education graduates acquire the same status as those who study in the universities. The tuition fee in Technology & Polytechnic Institute range between NZ$ 15.000 – NZ$ 20.000 per year.


New Zealand has eight universities that offer an attractive learning environment and high-quality qualification, ranging from undergraduate to post-graduate level in the academic and professional studies.

These eight universities are spread throughout New Zealand. The universities located in the North Island are The University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), the University of Waikato in Hamilton, Massey University and Victoria University. Meanwhile, those located in the South Island are University of Canterbury in Christchurch, Lincoln University which is also in the Christchurch and University of Otago in Dunedin.

The tuition fee at the university usually range between NZ$ 20,000 – NZ$ 25,000 per year (depending on the subject taken); whereas it ranges between NZ$ 22,000 – NZ$ 28,000 per year for Post-graduate level.


As one of the Commonwealth countries, New Zealand has a British education system which is recognized globally. Equality in quality in all educational institutions both public and private is regulated by NZQA, part of Ministry of Education. NZQA has a purpose to develop and to ensure the quality of the education programs organized by the school diploma, polytechnic and technology institute, and other education institutions except university.

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